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July 15th, 2012

The “Spring Fever” Book Signing Party was AMAZING! MKA fans and our stalwart Sisters showed up in DROVES!  The shop had a fabulous day and the Mary Kay contingent was stunned by the new and improved Mary Kay Andrews! She’s not only penned yet another NYT’s bestseller, but she’s spent the past 7 months reinventing herself….some 50+ pounds thinner, she looks GORGEOUS!!!

The winner of the MKA Tybee party was Stephanie Howell...she is the proud wife of a Ranger who just returned home from Afghanistan…as well as a mom to 4 kids! Boy, does she deserve a terrific nite on Tybee!

Stephanie Howell and Jennifer McChrystal


Kimberly and Jennsen Price

Paige Sarvis and Lori Sculati

Susan Kohlhoss, Emma Alexandra and Ella Rose Luprano

Susan Kelleher and Starr Ritchie


Author Mary Kay Andrews

Thanks to everyone who joined us during this evening of Carbonation and Southern Chick Lit….we had a blast and we know y’all did too! And to Mary Kay…congrats on another luscious beach read…and speaking of luscious…you are a HOTTIE!!!