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Les Fabulous Femme Fatales

June 23rd, 2010

This week was a doozie for gorgeous gals shopping in our little coastal decor haven! Girls in all sizes and ages came in and made our days at the store even more fun and filled with fabulosity!

These little Georgia Peaches just lit up the store! Upon entering the shop with Daddy in tow, these two divas went straight for the glittery stuff…straight to the table of Sister Sallie’s big bling rings. When asked about their names, I was given their true names and then their most-prized pseudonyms. The little one on the right had chosen “Jewel” as her new nom de plume…her sister had a few choices in mind…either “Hannah Montana”or “Fancy Nancy”. You girls rock!!!!!

Our next gaggle of gorgeous gals were on Tybee for a girl’s weekend to celebrate health and sisterhood! This triad spent eons of time shopping our little shore house and knew they’d be stopping in many times during their week-long stay on Tybee. Two of these s girls just couldn’t leave us without the customary funny hat/Dame Edna photo opp! We love you ladies…welcome to the Sisterhood!

The Lettered Cottage Duo Comes to Tybee

June 14th, 2010

Cottage cuties, Layla and Kevin Palmer are on Tybee Island as we speak, turning one of our fav Mermaid Cottages, Enlisted Men’s Mess Hall on Cedarwood Avenue, into a beach-inspired beauty! Because that’s what the Palmers do… find fabulous little homes and turn them into awe-inspiring living spaces.

Their own labor of love, The Lettered Cottage, is their personal work in progress! Follow them on Layla’s blog so you can see the charming “redos” that they do and see what they are up to at the Mess Hall!

Mary Kay Brought Down the House!

June 7th, 2010

The Big Ass Attic Sale was BIG, BIG, BIG!

Lord have mercy, you would have thunk we we were giving out stacks of twenties! Seaside Sisters, den of coastal decor, was just busting at the seams with guests, shoppers and admiring Mary Kay Andrews fans!

Mary Kay was tucked back in our Book Nook, just signing and chatting and causing quite the ruckus! Ladies were just all a-flutter as they stood in line to have her sign their books. Several of our guests came from pert-near half way across the good ole USA just to meet her! One woman even told us that it was Mary Kay Andrews that finally got her to reading books….ah, the power of the written word!

Not only were the books just flying out the door, but the Big Ass Attic Sale was quite successful as well. Mr. Mary Kay should be tickled pink to see all of the stuff that won’t be returning to his home! Mary Kay’s fabulous finds were gone before we knew it…furnishings, art, glassware…you name it…poof…gone!

But it’s never too late to buy Mary Kay’s junkin’ gems, because she has a permanent booth in Seaside Sisters. So stop in, grab yourself one of her hilarious books and take a gander at her collectibles.

The season is HERE, so Seaside Sisters is open daily from 10 til 6! It’s graduation and Father’s Day time, so stop in and we’re sure one of the Sisters can help you find that perfect gift for your Grad or Dad!