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Spelng Bii

April 26th, 2010

Join Sister Sallie at 6:30 PM this Wednesday, April 28th, at the Tybee Gym for the Annual Tybee Island Spelling Bee! Sallie joins ranks with a team of master spellers and will be helping to raise scholarship money for the local YMCA! Coined the SEASIDE SPELLERS, our team hopes to outwit, out spell and out smart all of the others!

Tickets are $5 for adults and $1 for kids under 14. There will also be raffles and prizes for the onlookers…so grab your dictionaries folks, and head out to the Tybee Gym on Butler Avenue and let’s get thoz branes mooveng!!!

Tybee Turtles Take the Check

April 26th, 2010

The weather didn’t really cooperate, and neither did all of the turtles. The race was a tad rainy, but the gang from Seaside Sisters, Mermaid Cottages and Papa’s Barbeque all took to the sand for a terrific cause… Tybee’s Sea Turtle Project.

After the ladies completed the 5k, limping shuffling and panting across the finish line, it was time to present the check to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center!

First, the release of the turtles! The male turtle shimmied his way confidently towards the sea. But alas, when girl turtle was set into the sand, she thought twice, looked at the weather and said, “I ain’t going in there! I’m going to SEAside Sisters”! We just knew she was part of The Sisterhood!

Many of the press and lots of folks from Tybee and the Tybee Island Marine Science Center were present for the check presentation. Y’all remember The Last Song Flip Flop Red Carpet Party, right? Well, we raised a whole slew of money for the Science Center and presented the check Tybee-style… on a big old, beat up, handwritten piece of cardboard! Only on Tybee….but it was for over $5,500!!!!

It was just a great day… for the Sisters, for The Last Song Party organizing team, for the Science Center and most importantly, for the turtles!!!


April 17th, 2010

We sure hope y’all like the new site! It’s rather “prettiful, don’t you think? Now if Seaside Cousin Linda can learn how to work the darn thing, then life at Seaside Sisters will be just PEACHY!

Now for some catching up!

First of all, if you haven’t read the news, THE LAST SONG FLIP FLOP RED CARPET PARTY was a huge success! Seen below, Sisters Sallie and Susan looked FAB-U-LOUS – Hollywood can not hold a candle to these dames!

The "Sisters"

A terrific trolley ride from Tybee to the movies and it was “everybody out” for popcorn, sodas and Miley Cyrus!

Everyone had a ball – nothing like sitting in the movies with 400 of your friends (post-cocktail!) hooting, hollering, clapping and shouting “there’s my house”

It’s been said “it takes a village”…and putting together this Seaside Sister soiree was quite the community effort! Just tell a handful of smart, creative and hard-working women that something can’t be done…and WATCH IT HAPPEN! The party was awesome, the weather perfect and the crowd couldn’t have been better! And may we say that the After Party at Huc-a-Poos was HILARIOUS…kudos to Eric, Heather and the entire “Poos” gang for ending the evening on a high note!

Well, there’s just a plethora of positively plump tidbits for me to publish on our new site, so sit tight girls, fasten your seat belts, fill your adult “sippy-cups” with the beverage of your choice and let’s have some fun in the Sisterhood!