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Film and Fur!

March 24th, 2010

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

The Last Song “Flip Flop Red Carpet Party” is SOLD OUT…nary a ticket left!!! What started out as a whim of a Tybee soiree to celebrate our entre to the BIG SCREEN, has become a real Hollywood blow out! 500 tickets, 10 trolleys and an after-party at Huc-a-Poos…it’s gonna be one doozie of a party!!!


Sister Susan ran into this cute little shop dog in Savannah…is she divine or what??? Tell me that this little princess doesn’t know that “she’s all that AND a pack of crackers”!!!
(Do you think this bow makes my butt look big????)

Goin Willy Nilly in the Chilly!

March 18th, 2010

Twas a wee bit chilly for St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Savannah, but it takes a lot more than that to deter these Tybee Island leprechauns! Seen below: Judy Ouzts, Shelly Ainsworth, Tina Ganz and Carrie Efird. These gals were drippin in green and me thinks a wee nip of “liquid courage” for this shot!!!!

Welcome to our new site.

March 17th, 2010

We are proud to announce our new website, please look around!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

March 13th, 2010

(Cuz we’re just a smidge too old for bra-less!)

Aye, twas a gorgeous day on Tybee Island for the Annual Irish Heritage Parade!! Everything was dripping in green (literally!!! The pollen was an inch thick!)

The book signing/ Spatularette Party was a huge success. Our fav Seaside Irish lasses, Polly Powers Stramm and Janice Shay were in fine form! The girls sold and signed a bunch of their cookbooks and St. Patrick’s Day books (STILL available in the store!!!), as well as handed out a bevy of spatulas as too!

Our FIRST spatularette!

There’s no place like GNOME!

Playin the wee pipes at Seaside Sisters.
Aye, the girls were a prayin for a stiff wind!!!

A Tybee Clan stops by for fun!!!


March 12th, 2010



                                      Sallie and Susan in the NEWS!

Our fabulous friend from WSAV, Randi Hempel will be airing a story tonight on
News 3 at 6 about how Sisters Sallie and Susan have gotten Seaside Sisters all gussied up for the  tourist
season! We think once they see Tybee Island on the BIG SCREEN via THE LAST SONG, they’ll be coming in droves!!!

Speaking of, the LAST SONG Red Carpet Flip Flop Party is pretty-near SOLD OUT, so if you haven’t gotten your ticket, you better hop on it! Randi will be talking to the Sisters about how they managed to turn this movie premiere into a major event on Tybee…400 seats, trolleys to the movie theaters, a pre-party at the Tybee Gym and an after-party at Huc-a-Poos…what an evening it will be!!!!

HAPPY ST. PATTY’S Day from all of the Sisters to you and yours! We’ve still got some wonderful things left…hats, glasses, jewelry, decor…so come on down to Seaside Sisters to get your green on!

Hello world!

March 1st, 2010

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