The Party Can’t Be Over… WE STILL LOOK FABULOUS!

Oct. 8

Well, the Seaside Sisters birthday soiree was a huge success! Lots of girls showed up both Saturday and Sunday to help us celebrate 3 glorious years in business. The weather was magnificent, the shoppers numerous and the cake…well, what you can say about cake…. SWEET! But our cake(s) boasted the image that Sister Nancy Rubin had painted of our little shop…

Sister Nancy Smith had lots of gals stopping by to buy her fabulous Tybee cookbook and sign it…as well as taste her amazing Pimento Cheese Spread and her Mint Jelly (pass the crackers!)

Artiste, and all around cutie pie, Ann Lutz was with us all day Saturday selling her amazing paintings that were converted into gorgeous notecards, prints, mousepads and tshirts.

And Sunday…well where the HELL was the paparazzi? I mean Michael Groover and Brandon Branch…. Team Paula Deen? These two divine gentlemen packed the house…lots of fans buying books and coffee and having a fabulous afternoon with the Seaside Sisterhood. And of course, MORE CAKE!

THANKS to all of the Sisterhood for joining us and THANKS for 3 yummy years in business. We just love y’all to pieces..The Sisterhood Rocks!

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