Snuggie Weather

Jan. 6


I don’t know about you gals, but Cousin Linda is flippin freezing! As I sit here blogging (more like schlogging because my fingers are frozen), I wonder if we haven’t experienced a total polar shift… do we not live in the subtropical South??? Have we  woken up in Antarctica??? Who’s in charge at the Weather Channel?? Even hunky “meteorologist, Jim Cantore can’t explain away these tundra-like conditions!!! Now everyone, go grab that Snuggie that you got from Santa (mine has Betty Boop on it), throw some bourbon in your coffee and let’s dream of all things yummy and warm………………

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”…. Bling rings and candles and aprons with ruffles… mermaids and Bomb Squad and cute canvas duffles…. simply some of our most favorite things!!! Now everyone…. SING!!!


Nothing like a little piece of Lalo jewelry to make all things warm and fuzzy again. Just

gets you to dreaming of warm days on the beach and finding some seaglass….
Or maybe give that cold blank wall a little “mermaid magic” to remind you of twirling your toes in the Tybee summer tide…

All is not lost… this cold snap (hell, we could be in Buffalo, New York!) will pass and the balmy temps will remind us why we live here or visit so often!

So in the meantime, we’ve got some fabulous events coming up in February…so rest up sisters, you’re gonna need it!

February 12/13/14….so much to do! Tybee Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and Tie the Knot on Tybee… details to come! Of course, Seaside Sisters is HQ for all things Mardi Gras…hats, glasses. boas and jewelry! Et toi…bring on the beignets!

End of February, our first “Pet Project”… the “We Love Our Labs” (and other furry critters) Fundraiser. We’ll be working with Coastal Pet Rescue and The Milton Project… proceeds from Seaside Sisters sales will go to help these valuable animal rescue/aid organizations. Check out our fabulous Labrador and charming cat pillows in the store…or grab a copy of “Bad Dog” or “Bad Cat” for the pet-lover in your life! (these books are “wet-your-pants funny!!!)

Alas girls, time to add another layer of wool, another pair of socks and and dust off the long underwear. Y’all stay warm until next time….and pppsssttt…no one need know about the “strength” of your coffee…it’s between us girls!

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