Olympic Hopeful HIts the Lanes

Feb. 28



                                                                Olympic (Onion) RINGS!

With the Olympics unfortunately drawing to a close (now what are we doing to watch on TV???), we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a missing event…. Bowling, hon!

Sister Susan, practicing for the 2014 Winter Olympics BOWLING competition. With ball in hand, pizza and beer by her side, Susan stands ready to begin her tedious training in earnest. I think this is perhaps her “promo pose” for the upcoming Wheaties box… me thinks she needs a poodle skirt and monogrammed bowling shirt!!!!! Stay tuned for more riveting stories about strikes, gutter balls and more fashionable bowling shoes (do they make them in stilettos???)


Ok, now that the Olympics are over, it’s time to concentrate on Savannah’s favorite sport…. St. Patrick’s Day!!! We are loaded to the gills with St. Patty’s day paraphenalia…hats, glasses, jewelry, home decor and party accessories. St. get your GREEN on at Seaside Sisters…tis the coolest shop on the planet!

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