Mammo on Wheels Wins the Hearts of Tybee Sisters

Aug. 20

The wheels on this bus went round and round and much more than that! Today marked “Mammo Day” for the Tybee Tatas and other lucky and SMART women on Tybee. Free mammograms were offered all day on the island with enough mammories to last a lifetime! The St. Joe’s/Candler Hospital Mobile Mammo Unit pulled onto Tybee Island at 9 AM and was literally busting at the seams with brave girls all day!

MANY thanks to the angelic trio of ladies from St. Joe’s…techs Vernita Parker and Kim Jones and leader, Julie Schwartz. We laughed, we cried, we told stories of friends and family who had been down the road of breast cancer…it was a wonderful day of babes and boobs!

Thanks again to all of our Sisters, the Tybee Tatas and all of our friends at St. Joe’s/Candler Hospital! There’s MORE support in the Seaside Sisterhood than your favorite bra… we LIFT, but never separate!

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