If the Van is Rockin…Keep on Knockin!

Jul. 23

Holy E. Shavers Bookstore…. the Sip ‘n Sign/Junkorama Party was a HUGE success. Our tried and true temptress of the Southern tome even signed books sitting in a van!! Who needs Barnes and Noble…we used a Chevy FAN VAN!

The crowd was ginormous and we couldn’t keep MKA’s books in stock…hence the 911 call to E. Shavers in downtown Savannah for more copies of “Summer Rental”. Mary Kay brought tons of her fabulous finds for her Junkorama Sale and needless to say, there won’t be much left after this weekend is over! So get your sandy feet and sunblock into Tybee’s BEST coastal gift shop….Seaside Sisters!

Congrats to Jim and Penny…winners of the Redneck Piknik Baskit!

Pass the Riunite please!!!!!

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