Fan Mail From Some Flounder!

Jul. 26

We’ve gotten some fabulous Fan Mail that we just had to share with our Sisters! We are just busting with pride over some of our latest comments/posts and wanted to share our She-Mail with you!

“This is the best little shop in the WORLD!!! i live on tybee and every time i drive by my car tries to turn into the parking lot. love, love, love”. From our Sister Romaine Hooker (great name, or what???)

“Oh, I am so knocked out by every Sister, your TaTas campaign is inspiring, touching and pretty darn near brings a tear to my eye! Onward and upward girls, you are the best.” Sister in spirit, Rebecca Rice

“I am so glad the Tybee TaTas is sponsoring the free screening!! I will wear my t-shirt in honor of this occasion” . Mary Ann

Thanks girls! We just love y’all to pieces and couldn’t be happier that y’all are a part of The Sisterhood!

Now keep those cards, letters, posts and She-Mails coming! xoxoxxo

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