Mar. 31

Well, our little canine assistance student, Boomer, is no longer a Baby Boomer but a big boy ready for guide dog training. You remember Boomer as our poster dog for Beach Bum Biscuits! We sell these yummy treats at Seaside Sisters via Diane Kaufman, our Sister extraordinaire from Mermaid Cottages. Diane has LONG been an advocate for guide dogs and has annually dedicated funds from her fabulous cottage rentals to helping get these furry kids trained to assist humans in need!

So our Boomer is ready for big-boy school and will be off to become a much-needed companion for a very lucky human. We are so very proud of this little guy and all of the puppies that Diane helps to sponsor! And check out these little search and rescue dogs from Canada… Ranger and Boomer! Are these kids handsome or what?

(Cause CE-LAB!)

Come on by the shop and get yourself some BEACH BUM BISCUITS! Your puppy will be happy you did…and you’ll help Diane sponsor guide dog puppies in the future! What a GGGRRRReat cause!

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