Books and Blizzards

Feb. 7

Yours truly spent yesterday volunteering for the Savannah Book Festival …as always this local, FREE, festival is a delight for the mind and soul! Amazing authors, thought-provoking discussions and gorgeous venues in the Historic District.

This year offered a DELIGHT of hilarious Southern wordsmiths… really, just bust-a-gut, knee-slapping, snorting milk out of your nose kind of funny!

First was Lauretta Hannon ( Lawd have mercy, this girl is FUNNY! She is  proud of her cracker past…she really did grow up in a double-wide in Warner-Robbins, GA with parents who gave out ammunition as baby shower gifts and tossed packs of smokes to “family members” in the local chain gang! There wasn’t a dry eye in the Jepson Auditorium as she told story after story about her crazy yet loving family…her aunt who enjoyed “frequent flyer” status in the local jail  and the love story about her parents meeting at a moonshine still! This is all true girls, and if we’re lucky, we’re going to try to get Lauretta to visit us real soon and hopefully sign some of her books.

The next author, Rick Bragg was standing-room only…folks were lined up down the hall of the Jepson to hear this sweet and funny Alabama boy (Pulitzer Prize winner, no less) share the stories he wrote about his family. “All Over But the Shoutin”, and his newest, “Ava’s Man”…are books about what he calls “his south”…written for and about the waitress in The Waffle House, the cement worker or the local roofer. “The Prince of Frogtown” was written (a painstaking 5 year journey) about his father.. a whiskey-maker, roofer and a prolific fighter! This guy is FUNNY and his sleepy Southern humor had the entire crowd in tears…!

Two other Southern writers had us in stitches…first Robert Leleux from Houston, TX. His book, “The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy” about his life as a boy during his mother’s torturous (yet hysterical) divorce was a side-splitter! He spoke of the post-divorce trauma of being “nouveau poor” and how his father left his mother for a pregnant jockey. When he confronted his mother (a Southern belle if you’ve ever seen one…Bless her heart!) about getting a job, she replied, “Going to work just ruins the whole day”! Do we love her or what??

The last author was Janis Owens, with her newest novel/cookbook, “The Cracker Kitchen”.She shared her views on being raised in backwoods Florida as well as a hip-slapping history on all things Cracker (the originals hail from Florida), to her Pentecostal upbringing  (food was the only sin allowed) to her use of lard in cooking. The book is full of fabulously fattening and comforting recipes as well as stories about her own Cracker Clan!

                                  Pass the suntan oil!

Where are the palm trees??

Let It SNOW….NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Susan is up in the MD/PA area visiting family and checking out some fabu items for the store for this spring…gotta keep things fresh at Seaside Sisters! Little did she know she was heading for Snowpocalypse 2010 or otherwise called Snowmaggedon….she’s fanny deep in snow, but just fine! She’ll be flying back to us tomorrow! I’m sure she’ll be glad to get back to warmer climes and all of you Sisters!

Till next time ladies…stay warm and keep your chins up (all of them)!!!!

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