May. 18



The Beach Bum Parade (May 20th) has long been the launching party for the summer season on Tybee. This year marks the Parade’s 25th year as the World’s Largest Water Fight! It’s WET, it’s WILD and it’s WHEW… a whole lotta fun! Of course, if your sky high hairdo is of the utmost importance to you, then either galvanize it with Aqua Net or just stay inside! The entire City of Tybee Island is just swamped with water pistols, aqua uzis and every kind of water squirting contraption sold at WalMart or concocted in some crazy guy’s garage! Everyone is game….so just plan on getting wet and enjoying your evening as a drenched diva!

Of course, if you need some fashionably dry togs, stop in Seaside Sisters (Tybee’s BEST GIFT SHOP) for post-parade garb…fabulous beach tunics by Mud Pie, Switchflops for your feet and a whole slew of amazing accessories!

Now tell me…. are ya feeling lucky????


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