After the 4th, the Sisters need a FIFTH!

Jul. 5

Glory be, what a weekend! The island was just swarming with sun-seeking, fun-having, stars n’ bars wearing crowds! Tybee put her best foot forward with great weather, a spectacular fireworks show and a whole lot of activities for anyone visiting on the island.

The shop was all a buzz as well! Throngs showed up to browse, shop and park their fannies in our fabulous new solid pine Adirondack rocking chairs. Heck, some folks stayed in those dang chairs so long, we were afraid we were gonna have to serve them dinner!

First up, the cute little chapel from the Miley Cyrus movie, “The Last Song” was moved down the beach to its new home, right across the street from Seaside Sisters. The entire chapel was dismantled, like a ginormous puzzle, and trucked down the highway to its new home on the marsh, where it will serve as a wedding venue. Boy howdy, what a parking job that was to get that big ol thing backed into the new lot on the marsh! Thank the Lawd, the Sisters weren’t behind the wheel on that one!

Fan Mail…From some Flounder!

We came into the shop Friday morning to find some lovely fan mail posted on our door! We were, of course, just tickled pink to see that y’all loved us enough to leave us notes! We left them up all weekend, because we were just proud as pralines! Come to find that the fan was none other than Sister Sallie’s granddaughter, Ansley! Well bless your heart Ansley…we appreciate the kudos! And if any of you Sisters wants to send us some fan mail, we will be more than delighted to post it on our blog!!!! We just LOVE our Sisters!

Walking Matilda

This furry customer just charmed the flip flops off of everyone in the store! She came in not once, but twice with her Momma, and we fell in love with her both times! Little Matilda was wandering the store while her owner shopped, and played with the Sisters and all of our customers…she is now our honorary Shop Dog! So Matilda, when you come back to town, come on in and see us…we’ll put your furry fabulousness to work!!!! What a face!!!!!

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