Tybee Island

Tybee Island is much more than just a destination! Though its been touted by the likes of Travel & Leisure and Coastal Living, …Tybee is much more than just a beautiful beach community…its sort of “Key Westian”, but better!

A lot of Tybee’s quirky charm is wrapped up in its delightfully preserved and restored historic beach cottages. This style of coastal decor is reflected in the sun-worn furniture, sea glass colored walls, bright, tropical linens and seashore-inspired art that pervade the island and Seaside Sisters!

Tybee style is also inspired by the eclectic and whimsical spirit of the island! Mermaids, yards decorated with objects found on the beach, locals on bikes and celebrations for no apparent reason are all commonplace. Life is good, but it’s always better at the beach!

So whether you’re looking for new beach house accessories, or aiming to create a coastal feel for your home or for yourself, Seaside Sisters on Tybee Island is your SHORE THING!